Recast 2: what is co-operative learning?

With Recast 1 now in press, we are celebrating Co-operative Fortnight and the International Day of Co-operatives with a second number of Recast.

We invite a wide range of co-operators, activists, educators to answer a simple question in not more than 200 words via blog/vid/collage/pic/poems etc. So 

What is co-operative learning?
Please open the google form and all will be revealed! Don't forget to give your submission a title.

We also welcome longer or other pieces responding to this theme broadly. Drop a line if you are unsure. Our presumption is towards inclusion wherever reasonably possible. 

Things have been a bit delayed due to the difficulties of the present time. So that people can respond to the first number of Recast, we are extending the deadline one final time, as print copies are imminent. We intend to close this at the end of the year and print in early 2021. 

Do please be in touch with questions. 

Submissions are welcome via: Google forms

Short videos can be facilitated via this Flipgrid


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